The Hosts

Your hosts are on a journey of learning just like you, the listeners. We all have our strengths and areas that need improvement. Blair & Steve aim to bring diverse guests with new technology, new processes, and sometimes a new take on the status quo. Please provide feedback, ideas for new topics, and let your hosts know what you want to hear. 

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Steve Dobie

A reliability engineer working with some of the largest trucks in the world and one of the toughest environments. Steve has been born and raised in heavy industry and he is known for his ground up approach in getting projects done. He is looking to help the maintenance & reliability community understand how to get initiatives across the line, and ultimately into sustainability.


Steve's goal is to remain grounded in realism while exploring different technologies and processes. Remembering that the ultimate goal for any organization is to create sustainable value for their stakeholders.

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Blair Fraser

A former wrench turner, turned manager, turned entrepreneur, Blair is known for his ability to speak in inquires and break down complex topics into real-life examples and use cases.  He is the co-founder of Quartic.ai, Director or IIot at UE systems, and an avid speaker at technology and industry events and a lifelong student of the ever-changing and expanding technology ecosystem.


Blair's goal is to cut through the whirlwind of noise around the people and technologies fueling industry 4.0 to get to real stories and applications behind these disruptive technologies.